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Announcement Time – We are Moving to a New Location!

If you’ve been in the store lately you’ve probably heard the latest news about our NEW LOCATION coming soon! If you haven’t, well I’m glad you are here reading this update. I’ll start from the beginning, not the very beginning (as in I’ll skip a few), but enough of the beginning that you will be in the know.

We’ve wanted to expand and make our shop even better for our community, our friends, and our family, but have wanted to stay close to our current location. Then, just like that we found a place that is about 10x the operating space of our current shop, and have been daydreaming of what we could make it into. We secured the space and the build out is almost complete. We will be in the new location by April 30, 2017! The goal is to have a Grand Re-Opening in early May, so be on the look-out for events, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter updates.

A little sneak peek into what’s coming:
Taylor Targets
Rhino Safes
Reloading Equipment
Lounge Area (Think couch, chairs, TV, snacks, drinks, books, friends, maybe even a dinosaur)
Gun Cleaning Bar – Yes a BAR for cleaning guns (plus we’ll host events to teach and train newbies)
Local Business Events – (holsters, ear protection, LTC, and more)
Training Space – (for rent and hosting)

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Inventory Stocked and Doors are Open

We started this journey about four months ago. Well, to be honest – it’s been years in the making, and here we are. Saddle Rock Armory opened for business on August 29, 2015 to friends and immediate family. We’ve also enjoyed local law enforcement stopping in, as well as our work family. The opening weekend brought visitors from the North Austin and Round Rock areas, and we are excited to serve even more folks in our surrounding neighborhoods.

Opening a gun shop for us was a surprise to many. The surprise was not due to a lack of firearm knowledge or interest in competitive shooting, but because we both have day jobs. Many wondered where we’d find the time while working full time, family, flying and everything else that life sends to us all. This consideration is our very mission. We want to be a gun shop for the working professional; those who can’t get away during the normal 9-5. Our hours seem unusual until viewed through that lens – see more in the About Us section or stop on by on your way home from work!.

Inline with this desire to serve the working professional, we will have a strong online presence with detailed listings of our firearm inventory – both new and used. This way a quick check of  our mobile friendly site can secure your item for pick up later. We will also feature reviews of our new arrivals and for events that we attend or host. You too, can submit product reviews or requests for reviews through the Contact Us form.

Thanks to those who made this past weekend a memorable first chapter in what we hope to be a long and interesting book.


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Grand opening is nearly here!

We’ve been working hard getting everything in order and are excited to open our doors and launch our full service website. Shelves are constructed, the paint is dry and the signs are going up – stay tuned and be sure to visit us on Facebook or twitter for updates as well!