FFL Transfers

Hey Saddle Rock Armory Friends and Friends to Be,

You are here because you have either purchased a firearm from us through our site or through GunBroker, or you have purchased a firearm from someone else.  Either way you’ve found a firearm that you must have and you want your friends at Saddle Rock Armory to handle the FFL transfer for you! This is wonderful news and we couldn’t be more excited to help you. There are a few housekeeping items we need to address first.

Decision: If WE are shipping the firearm do the following:

Step 1: Have your local FFL vendor email us a signed copy of their FFL to info@saddlerockarmory.com.

Step 2: We will package the firearm and ship to your FFL vendor, and we will send your tracking number to you.

Decision: If YOUR FFL DEALER is shipping a firearm to us do the following:

Step 1: Have the shipping FFL send an email to info@saddlerockarmory.com with their contact information (including their email address) with your name and the order/confirmation number. Please note we will not accept individual, non-FFL shipments. The firearm must come from an FFL dealer.

Step 2: We will email our signed FFL to your local FFL dealer.

Step 3: Next, send us the tracking number once you receive it. We do accept shipments throughout the week; however we have to coordinate with our shipping vendors.

Step 4: We will call you when the firearm comes in and/or you can arrange pick-up. The fee is $40 per serialized item or $75 for NFA items.  Due to high FFL transfer volume it may take us up to 24hrs to process your transfer for pick up.

Additional FFL Transfer Notes:

Valid Texas Drivers License is required.

Transfer only on Proceed result from NICS. (LTC holders exempt).

Should you have any questions or really want to speak to a person then give us a call!

You must pick up your transfer within 30 days of its arrival. (For NFA items, this included payment for the Tax Stamp). After that there will be a storage charge of $30 per month. 

After 12 months of storage, we exercise the right to return the item to the seller. If the seller will not accept it, we will sell it in our store. 


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