Lionheart Industries LH9 MKII 9mm – Used w/three mags

$ 359.00

Used Lionheart Model LH9 MkII 9mm auto. 15+1 capacity, three magazines, 4.1″ barrel, three dot sights, unique double action+ design, “Patriot Brown” cerakote alloy frame with ambidextrous safety and diamond textured synthetic grips, 26.4oz. Excellent condition and includes soft case, manual and cleaning kit.

The Lionheart Industries LH9 MKII is the consumer version of the Daewoo Precision Industries K5, which itself was based originally on the S&W Model 59. This fully updated pistol features an unusual “fast action” trigger mechanism which allows the hammer to be decocked while still keeping the mainspring compressed. The “fast action” (also known as Triple Action, and most recently known as Double Action Plus+) mode allows the trigger travel of the double-action mode and the trigger weight of single-action mode. This allows a more accurate first shot due to the lighter weight of the trigger. It is also safer due to the longer trigger travel required to fire the pistol. A light pull on the trigger causes the hammer to flick back, after which the pistol would behave in conventional single-action mode. The pistol can also be fired in traditional double and single-action modes.

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