Taylor Targets ProSeries 10″ gong with chains

$ 99.00

Taylor Targets ProSeries Gong steel target. 10″ diameter, orange in color, constructed from AR500 steel, with frame and chains. Rated from .22LR through .30 caliber centerfire rifle. Designed to plug and play with Taylor’s ProSeries AR500 steel base.

From Taylor Targets:


The Pro Series Gong is a 10” diameter target that comes with a frame and a chain to fit the Taylor Targets “Pro Series Base” (sold separately).  This target can also be used with the “Extension Set” (sold separately) to allow you to raise the height of your target to your liking. Using either of these methods in conjunction with the Pro Series Base provides a solid support for the target.  This target is to be used at 100 yards for rifles and 25 yards for handguns.  The Pro Series Gong is rated for .22 rimfire through big bore rifle (up to .30 caliber).

Style: Pro-Series Gong
Targets: , 1- 10″ Gong, chain and Frame
Use:  .22 rimfire throughCenterfire handgun/rifle calibers
Materials: Heavy-Duty AR500 Steel
UPC#: 091037687050

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