Beretta Model 62 .308 Semi Auto – Used

$ 1,799.00

Used Beretta Model 62 .308 Winchester semi auto rifle. 10+1 capacity detachable magazine, 17.4″ barrel, parkerized finished metalwork, walnut stock with original Beretta rubber recoil pad. Excellent condition and all original.

The Beretta Model 62 is the civilian variant of the BM-59. The BM-59 was developed as a modernized version of the thenĀ aging M1 Garand. The rifle was shortened and configured to fire .308 Winchester from a detachable box magazine. The BM 59 was adopted in 1959 and served with Italian, Argentinian, Indonesian, and Moroccan armies. In the early 1980s, semi-automatic versions (the Beretta Model 62) were imported to the United States and sold to private collectors. In 1990, the BM 59 was replaced in Italian service by the Beretta AR70/90 assault rifles.

The Model 62 is a perfect rifle for any collector, hunter or recreational firearm owner as it is rarer and handier than a conventional M1A and runs with the reliability of a Garand, but in .308. An interesting piece of history that does does not turn up all that often.

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Model 62